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Our mission at Astoria Vitality Collective is to build a healing community center here in this breathtaking area of NW Oregon / SW Washington (and beyond)! A valuable resource we offer you to meet that goal is our Practitioner Membership plan for those who are called to make a greater commitment to the collective mission.




(With 3 month contract)

Early Bird pricing is in effect until June 6th. Lock in the price now!



(With 3 month contract)

Regular pricing begins on June 7th for anyone who doesn’t choose to start before then.

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Apply to be an AVC Practitioner Member, or an AVC Independent Service Provider.

The Application takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

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Subscribing to a Practitioner Membership gives you access to booking our service rooms at your ideal time. You’ll also have access to pre-booking for morning/evening workshops with a prominent showcasing of your workshop or class on our events calendar. PLUS, you’ll have access to everything in our all-inclusive package as outlined in the dropdown sections below:

Business Ease

We’re committed to helping your clients receive stellar customer support and ease with booking and payments… and we’re dedicated to helping YOU to generate a steady flow of clients!

All Inclusive Billing Services

We will handle all payments from your clients through a seamless payment system that guarantees your clients arrive happy and stress-free. Our system also intuitively recommends extra services and add-ons, based on your client’s preferences and past purchases.

All in all, a gorgeous, streamlined and reliable system… so you can focus on what you love doing the most, helping people!

All Inclusive Scheduling Services

Your clients are as important to us as they are to you. We strive to make things smooth and simple when they are ready to book your services.

Our scheduling systems sends automatic reminders, options for rescheduling and reduces no-shows by as much as 90%. We have a seamless follow-up system that even sends your clients birthday wishes! We’re happy when you’re happy AND when your clients are happy… enough said.

All Inclusive Marketing / Promotions

You will have your own profile page on our website, and we’ll tell the community all about how fabulous you are! On top of that, we have a team of gifted, experienced marketers who will promote your services and community events that will keep your practice as full as you choose.

Exclusive Promotional Packages

There are many different types of healing services being offered at AVC, so we’ll be promoting special packages to all of our customers to incentivize them to try new services they may not have been adventurous to try without our gentle nudge.

What that means to you…? You will benefit from the community aspect of the services offered and have the opportunity to grow your client base through the other practitioners’ client base. A true community effort of bringing holistic healing to Astoria and beyond!

Delighted Clients

We’ve thought of EVERYTHING to make sure that every client who walks through our doors is wowed and titillated by our attention to detail. Luxurious experiences with inclusive prices~ everyone wins!

Luxurious Linens & Robes

Only the softest, most sensual linens and robes will be part of the offering you give your clients as part of your membership. We aim to always source as local, organic and non-toxic as we can, as well as to help your clients feel like a VIP every moment of their time with us!

Exquisite Massage Oils, Teas & Tinctures

We’re paying attention to the finest details with our extravagant array of natural and organic teas, tinctures, massage oils and additional enhancements. Your clients can use these as an add-on service, or access some of them for free with their own Client Membership.

Client Memberships for Extra Perks

Our customers are EVERYTHING to us! We’ve also created a fabulous way to show our appreciation to them with our Client Memberships. For a minimal monthly membership, clients have access to mind/body/spirit support and some fabulous perks and membership community events. We’re creating a deeply rooted experience here… a family, if you will  🙂

Community Focus

We love our PNW community, and are intent on creating clever ways to bring all of us together to explore more learning, creative collaboration, group healing… and a few cuddle puddles as the cherry on top.

Free Practitioner Events & Gatherings

Our Practitioner Members are the bones of our community~ you bring the wellness structure and spiritual alignment into everything we do. As our way to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts, we will be creating special events and bringing in guest teachers. This is one way we can assure that you get the attention you may sometimes withhold from yourself, but also a super elevated way for you to create deeper bonds within the service-providers community that we’ve built here at AVC. (It’s a magical and RAD bunch of people!)

Free Community Events & Gatherings

You’ll be invited to attend our community events for free, and also have the option to participate as one of the guest service providers to build up more community relationships and establish more clients for your healing magic.

Collaborations With Local Businesses

The Astoria business community is so important to the wellbeing of our community! We will be hosting appreciation days for our local businesses, first responders, volunteers, educators and activists… You are always welcome to participate in these events and contribute collaborative ideas to help us grow a dedicated client base from the local heartbeat of Astoria.

Excited Yet? 

Us Too!

You have 2 options from here…

Apply to be an AVC Practitioner Member, or an AVC Independent Service Provider.

The Application takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

If you have more questions, click the button below to let us know how we can help.

… or email us: